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Software Technology Conference

In 1989, Mr. Lloyd K. Mosemann, the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition (Communications, Computers and Support Systems) SAF/AQK established the Software Technology Conference (STC) as a means of providing information and training on software technology issues. For 24 years, following his vision, the Software Technology Support Center (STSC) has provided leadership and management support for the conference. Unfortunately, in today’s austere financial environment and with the current restrictive atmosphere towards conferences, senior leadership over STSC has chosen to suspend its conference leadership and management activities. With a tremendous sense of accomplishment and many fond memories, the STSC must now step aside as a sponsor of the conference.

Great News! Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society under the leadership of Mr. Paul Croll, The STC will continue to provide education, training, and networking opportunities for software professionals supporting the Department of Defense. The STSC is grateful for Mr. Croll and the STC Advisory Board for their willingness to continue guidance and support for this important conference.

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